Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S III Mini in US

At short time after this smartphone arrived on US markets via american carriers, many people was intrigued about it!

Many people are saying that Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is a low-cost alternative to iPhone 5 for people who would like to have a Galaxy S III, but they are considering its screen to bigger (4.8 inches). Others considers that this smartphone was designed especially for women and people that wished a last generation phone. Who knows?

Cheapest S III Mini in U.S.

Soon after release date, all major US mobile operators offered Galaxy S III Mini in different versions: unlocked, bundle and yearly plans.
You can get this smartphone from U.S. mobile operators with yearly plans for a few dollars, or even as unlocked version for a few hundreds of dollars, usually arround $300. But from major online stores or from some dealers you can get Galaxy S3 Mini as unlocked smartphone at the same price as offers created by US mobile carriers (the difference is that in the most cases Samsung S3 Mini's is "untouched").