Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4

In this article you will learn some tips about how to make great deals when buying this very powerful smartphone that is available for sale on the biggest online stores.


Finally, after its launch in March, 14th, Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for sale in the U.S. at all major carriers who are competing to attract more buyers.

Although this smartphone is on sale only for a few days, already appeared discounts at many retailers as Walmart or Sam's Club.

Amazon offers two S4 versions, but at lower prices than those of large retailers, so if you want the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4, you will definitely find it on Amazon, not at other large retailers.

AT&T and Sprint are two of the major U.S. carriers that have on sale this device with a 16 GB storage capacity for $199, or with a 32 GB storage capacity for the $249 price. The starting price on Amazon is only $149, but this price varies a bit depending on the particular agreement service.

Short review:

With 5 inches 1080p display, the super AMOLED screen gives pleasure to enjoy the bright colors, clear and bright, and the picture quality is much better than that obtained by the HTC One or iPhone5's screen.

The smallest details can be easily noticed, due to higher ppi and very wide angles that are truly impressive. The UI and the operating system are also amazing, the TouchWiz UI is running with the updated Android 4.2.2. named Jelly Bean.

Having simple interface, beeing modern, intuitive, this smartphone has a list of 19 notifications that controls many special features like gesture control or Wi-Fi. In Multiwindow mode and due to its strong processor, a  1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 quad core processor and a 1.7 GHz octa core Exynos 5 processor, functioning multitasking is not a problem, you can customize your display with icons for Email, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook , Chrome and many other special and unique applications.

With 2GB of RAM, Galaxy S4's virtual keyboars is one of the most precise and accurate keyboards, very simple and easy to use by all categories of buyers. This is a predictive keyboard that quickly learns what words you write and anticipates the word you want to type in, helping a lot and thus saving a lot of time, so I personally think Swiftkey is very useful.

Some pros of this smartphone:very special camera with innovative features, powerful and improved software, innovative applications that uses gesture control functions, an amazing 5 inches full HD display, removable battery and the posibility to change the microSDcards, depending on the needs of each buyer.

Some cons: Battery life is a medium one, comparable to that of other smartphones, notifications on the screen can be difficult to read when the sun is shining directly into it, and its plastic cass does not convey the idea of premium quality that Apple or HTC for example has for their smartphones.


The S4 is a device with the latest innovative technologies that far exceed all its competitors, combining both modern design and powerful hardware with amazing features like gesture control, or multitasking apps.