Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S III from US

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S III from US
Released in 2012, this smartphone can be considered a major upgrade of Galaxy S II, which satisfied many customers.

Samsung Galaxy S III had shocked all the people that wished a high performance smartphone, and the main reasons are related to the new hardware and software technologies, that made form Galaxy S III an extension for human mind: according to Samsung's motto, it is "Designed for Humans (Inspired by Nature)".

Cheapest Galaxy S3
Until now, the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 from United States can be found at Verizon at a price of $9.99 for a yearly plan (one or two years) as a new customer, or for existing customers this price is available for a adding a new line to an existing family account. In rest, this phone will cost $49.99 for upgrading your phone with a yearly plan, and for a phone replacement with no contract Galaxy S III costs $599.99.
Other U.S. mobile carriers sales the same smartphone a little more expensive, but not with big differences. Anyway, if you want to get a cheap unlocked smartphone, I recommend you to get it from the biggest online stores and not from mobile operators, to avoid original software modifications.