Aquaris E4.5 - Review

Aquaris E4.5 - Review
Good news for Ubuntu lovers have come to realization. Bq Aquaris E4.5, the first Ubuntu phone will be available on Europe Market in the second week of this month. The remarkable phone itself is made by Spanish device developer Bq. The Bq handset will be the first that is integrated with Ubuntu OS sold directly to the end-users.

The Specs

The first Ubuntu Phone comes as adapted version of the popular Aquaris E4.5 repurposed with Ubuntu OS. Along with the capable driver, this handset is very stylish, well-designed and reliable. Let’s see the overview of the specifications below:
- 1.3 GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 (MediaTek)
- 4.5-inch screen (qHD resolution @ 540×960)
- 8GB eMMC Storage
- 2150 mAh Battery
- Dual micro-SIM
- Mali 400 GPU @ 500 MHz (MediaTek)

Okay, at first you might think that it is not the most remarkable handset, however, that’s great spec for OS’s debut device. This specification covers the users’ necessity in decent portion. Let’s say it can be accessible while enjoyed at its performance. The 4.5 inch screen 540 x 960 is good enough to open useful apps and play some games. And you can insert both GSM and CDMA SIM into the phone.

The Idea of Ubuntu OS

When putting Ubuntu OS in the phone, the concept is different. The users’ interactions of course will involve the tapping fingers rather than mouse. And there is big difference in the concept of scopes. The scopes are brand new UI paradigm, created to send the content and services right to the Home Screens. This will indeed give new experience for the Ubuntu Users.

The Price and US Market Possibility

Though I have not been informed about the exact price tag, with an insider’s suggestion, the buyers probably won’t pay more than $190 per unit.
The commencing of the device indeed amuse the Ubuntu fans in Europe but those who reside in the US may have to hold their ardor since Bq doesn’t sell there.

US market plans are yet to be confirmed, and it is not quite clear if the provider would be Bq, Meizu or other partners which are intrigued to launch the phone in the US. I am not sure with the answer but let’s just wait for the official confirmation. By the time US market is hit, it is possible that the huge fans of Ubuntu OS will do overseas purchase to get their gadget.