Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

This smartphone is the result of the people wishes that needed a combination between a powerful mobile device, but its size not be too big. So was born the new Samsung Galaxy S III Mini...


It has a 1GHz dual core ARM Cortex A9 chipset and runs the Android Jelly Bean 4.1, the working memory is 1GB of RAM and the storage memory joins this mobile device in two versions (8GB and 16GB). Its GPU is an ARM Mali-400MP, a 5Mpx foto/video camera joins this smartphone, it has 4.0 inches display with a 800x480 resolution, connectivity that supports HSPA, USB2.0, Wi-Fi (that can be turned into a wireless hospot), its weight is 111.6 g, supports microSD cards up to 32 GB, and an 1500mAh battery joins it.

My opinion:

This smartphone is a great jewelry, but not for anyone, it depends by the personal needs of every people. Its design is wonderfull, but if you are a person that is using this smartphone more than 3 hours per day, then the first inconveniences comes up! First problem is related to its battery! 1500 mAh capacity isn't enough to sustain this mobile devices for a longer time than 3 or 4 hours if your are using it for activities that envolve high speed internet communications, like un United States, where the needs from larger cities wouldn't be satisfied with this battery. But don't worry, because you can search for an alternative: an extended battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Another inconvenience about this smartphone is related to its RAM and CPU, that would not perform without difficulties high resource consumming applications.
Anyway, every people has his specific needs, and choosing this smartphone isn't a bad ideea for customers that need to enter on the world of modern mobile devices.