Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 4G LTE from US
Well friends... until now, many of you wished such as a great smartphone, with amazing powerful hardware and software improvements, but from many reasons, usually financials, you hesitated to make the decision to get it unlocked, bundle or with at least one year plan from your regional mobile operators.

Cheapest price:

Usually its price is over $600, but from now, the US citizens can enjoy the cheapest price for Samsung Galaxy Note 2: with only $99, you can get this smartphone from Sprint with a yearly plan, as a new customer (individual or family account) or for your individual existing account. Anyway, if you would like adding a new contract at your existing family account, the price rises at $169.99 ($70 it's not so much).

Other prices

On the US markets, the mobile operators offers aren't too much different, but some of them meet more closer the potential customers needs, usually combining the wishes for a high performance smartphone and a lower price as possible. So, until now, Sprint offers the best deal over its major copetitors, like AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile USA, and among these companies, only Verizon Wireless offers an aproached price offer for added contracts at new or existing individual and family accounts: $149.99.

Limited time only

Please take in consideration that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 4G LTE connectivity, from Sprint, is available for a limited time only! Also, if you are interested to get a last generation powerful smartphone, retain that some new mobile devices are comming on the US markets, but these smartphones are more expensive, of course...
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