Cheapest HTC ONE M7


From April, 1st, Sprint has began selling the HTC One for the price of $199 with a 2 year contract and it was not a joke, but the strategy of those from HTC who had started the second quarter of the year in force in terms of sales for the new poweful smartphone.

A carrier strategy, the T-Mobile's, was entirely different from traditionally one, and they expressed their clear desire to sell in a totally different way this just launched device: to remove the traditional ways of selling these devices with agreements for one or two years and turned them into different strategy: for a monthly cost of $50 that covers unlimited calls, unlimited sms and about 500 MB of data traffic, buyers have the opportunity to buy this last generation smartphone under more favorable terms. This version requires a higher initial cost, because the device is a little more expensive in these conditions, however, my advice is to well check and compare the offers of different carriers long before making a decision.

The strategy of HTC in terms of prices was as follows: ONE is not in any way a cheap smartphone, but its price should be kept below the iPhone's 5 to have this advantage over the biggest competitor.

As one of the most anticipated smartphone of the year 2013, and because maintaining attention of his interested buyers is very important for the company, especially since the year 2012 was a little disappointing for the company in terms of sales volume indicator compared to its other competitors.
Latest rumors give the end of April as the date for this very powerful smartphone will arrive in all stores in the U.S. In the U.S. HTC One will be sold through the biggest carriers from the United States like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile for a price of approx. $200 for the 16 GB storage capacity version.