Strengths that were promoted by HTC about this latest high performance smartphone are: the longer battery life, storage capacity twice as large, up to 64 GB capacity storage and a 67% faster processor, a 1.7 Ghz quad core high performance processor.

The amazing camera with features allowing continuous shooting simultaneously with video captures achieved at a very high resolution, sound quality is very good because it has integrated Beats Audio, and also access to audio and multimedia files is easy because of the HTC Music and Sync Manager.

CPU performance is almost 67% higher than the previous versions, this quad core 1.7 GHz processor is enough to support multiple applications running simultaneously, it is enough for very fast loading of web pages visited or for games with complex and sophisticated animations.

Shooting 4 photos per second, this smartphone will certainly capture the best moments of your life and with Video Pic feature you will be able to do video and photos simultaneously.

Watching rented or purchased movies on this high performance smartphone is a pleasure, given that it has an amazing HD screen and the Link feature can realize the wireless projection on a compatible TV.

Modern design with simple lines, curves, defined gives the smartphne a thin look, lightweight, sophisticated class.
Other special features of this very powerful smartphone: 135 grams with battery, 4.7 inches display, 2100 mAh capacity battery. Anyway, my favorite features are: his sound quality, the camera features, screen size and social communicator.