Although in recent years, HTC had a slight decrease in revenue and profit, two of its smartphones, the One X that runs theAndroid operating system and the 8X that runs Windows OS are extraordinary in terms of design, but also in terms of technical performances that are capable of.

The strength of those devices from HTC are given by the fact that HTC has used a very diverse network carriers to penetrate markets in the U.S., so being able to solve the biggest problem.

Compared to the competition's smartphones, HTC 8X has a much nicer design, is extremely thin and light. It has the following dimensions: 5.21*2.61*0.4 inches, which brings in more strong points to overcome the competition and to become one of the most attractive smartphones of the moment.

The colors in which it is available are amazing: yellow, black, red, purple, at this design chapter smoothly surpassing iPhone5, also, and aluminum casing gives it a classic look, there is a choice between white or black.

Regarding the screen, 8X is better than Apple, having a resolution of 1280*720 and 342ppi ratio, it remains a leader in terms of color reproduction and viewing angles.

Regarding the hardware: it has a very powerful processor, an 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4, 16 GB storage capacity and 1 GB of RAM.

This processor and the all configuration of the HTC 8X works at the best parameters, the only weakness beening that it can not support additional storage capacity by SD card.

In this configuration, the processor is powerful enough to power the operating system that runs on smartphone and all the other applications that runs on it.

Regarding the camera that it is equipped with, it has 8 MP rear camera and is equipped with another 2.1 MP front camera, which has a very wide angle lens, so filming experience, using Skype or group of photos is amazing, with unique features compared to the competition.

Windows Phone 8 running on this smartphone is extremely fast, with the advantage that most of us are familiar with the applications that comes bundled with the operating system, it is user-friendly, intuitive and very easy to use.
Regarding his price and availability, 8X is much better than its competitor, it can be found at three of the largest carriers in the U.S., at Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and is available for only $99, while iPhone 5 is twice as expensive, $199, which certainly will give all his potential buyers more reasons to bought the 8X, since it has better specs and is also twice affordable, making it a good choice for all buyers.