OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 - Review

OnePlus have been hot topic discussed by netizens till today. We have come to the year 2015 and the next generation off Chinese flagship handset’s release is nearby. So, there is a rumor that OnePlus 2 will come with the same screen dimensions of its former generation, but folks will see there is increasing resolution screen to 2,000.

As expected from the handset released in 2015, it meets our expectation to view the devices companied by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810. And of course it comes with high quality battery that will cope the duration necessity. The competitors mostly launched their 4GB RAM handset as the appetizer of the 2015 year. So it is fair that folks seriously expect to have 4GB OnePlus 2 also. Also, OnePlus 2 would be utilizing Android 5.0+. Is it reliable statement or just a speculation? I can’t say but wait for the truth emerged.

Other info source sustains that users can expect the phone to be released in June 2015. So, we still have several months until the phone come to the market. Probably some of you have decided to pre-order this but hold on guys. As we’ve expected from the predecessor, OnePlus one, supply and demand have always been the problem.

Purchasing the phone right now seems impossible. I’ve checked the website and still I require an invitation. he moment this handset getting launched, market must be crowded. So we think it is important to stay updated to the information about the handset specs so that we can determine our purchase.

So, how much the price is? As we expect to Chinese flagship handsets on the market, you can get premium phone with not expensive price tag. We expect the price would be around $349.

There is also speculation about the device. Some insiders do not convince the folks about significant change in the terms of specs compared with the predecessor of OnePlus 2. I can conclude that the specs won’t be any less of that the OnePlus one.

Though it is still a rumor it brings such expectations to the commencing handset. Folks must be enthusiastic welcoming this device too.