Cheapest iPhone 5

Cheapest iPhone 5
Fight of the largest U.S. carriers to gain more clients is in progress, of whom offer great deals, T-Mobile saying that it has the best deals for buying iPhone5. In this post we will make a comparison to determine whether this is so or not. The comparison was made for the iPhone 5 with 16 GB storage capacity.

T-Mobile has iPhone 5 for a $580 price without a contract, and its cost for a two-year contract is $99 for an initial payment followed by payments of $20 for the next two years. The bill under these conditions will be around $70. Putting all these, we arrive at a total cost of approximately $ 2,259.

This smartphone from Sprint can be found without any agreement at a price of $649, while the price with a two-year contract drops to just $199. Monthly bill will be about $129, so the total cost amounting to $3,319.

Price of iPhone 5 from Verizon out of a contract is also  $649, but after signing a agreement with a duration of at least 24 months, the price will drop up to $199, and the amount of the monthly bill will be only $100, so the total cost will be only $2,634, not $3,319 as at Sprint, so this way Sprint has already lost the battle against the more experienced carrier's Verizon.
Finally, at AT&T, the total cost is still about $2,635 (iPhone 5 with yearly plan, plus other costs), and based on the total cost,T-Mobile is the best because it is way cheaper, however, my advice is to take into account other criteria in making the decision.