Between Samsung and Apple, HTC comes with a stunning design, with improved full HD screen, 4.7-inches display with over 468 ppi, so much more than the human eye can perceive, but which give an accurate and amazing clarity to images displayed on it.

Among his technical specs, I just tell you about the 32 Gb storage capacity, which is more than enough, last generation Bluetooth, 4g connections to the latest standards, being sensitive and having more performance, and many other improvements, so would be hard for you not to enjoy this great smartphone.

The design of this smartphone is so beautiful that it's hard to describe the amazing experience, my advice is that you do not miss to test yourself this very powerful and beautiful smartphone.

Those who created this smartphone had no intention for it to be a very easy, as they say about Samsung's smartphones, but a powerful device, and cute at the same time, even in these conditions, it has one of the finest designs ever, combining great technology with astounding aesthetics.

It has a full HD display of 4.7 inches, is much thinner than the previous version, but has a slightly higher weight than other competing smartphones, with metal casing, which gives it a premium look.

Its use will be a delight, being able to satisfy the most demanding tastes of its customers from different categories. The dual front speakers and texture of the casing give a good impression to the eye and to the touch, matching the color of metallic aluminum, all of which are designed down to the smallest detail, to give a single, beautiful, futuristic, unique and specific look.

At first glance, some features are resembling those of IPhone5, but his lines are better defined and the curve of the back can not be mistaken and is one of the distinctive elements of this smartphone.
From my experience, I say that it will be impossible to find a flaw in this smartphone, a flaw or something that could be improved, in my opinion, HTC One, with this design and features is very close to perfection. Overall, it will be hard to not be impressed by his design, construction, features and specs.