Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? It is a very strong and amazing smartphone that was not released to long ago. It has hundreds of amazing things you would never think of, keep reading to find out more.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is just to start off, it’s a beautiful device with metal all around the phone unlike the Note 3, so this lets you know that they do listen to their customers unlike other companies. It came out in October 17, 2014 in American time zone. It is the improved Gorilla Glass 5.7 Quad HD super Amoled, the resolution is coming in at an amazing 2560 by 1440 pixels or 515 PPI (Pixel per inch) which is insane! It comes with awesome features such as Air gestures which are basically that you can change pages by moving your hand left to right or right to left on top of the screen without touching it!

It comes with a powerful 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 or 1.9GHz octa-core chipset, that’s what you call some serious speed. It comes with 3GB of ram, almost what your average computer now in days would! It has a capacity of 32GB but you can add a SD card to increase storage if you love to take thousands of photos and have thousands of songs. It also has a removable 3,300mAh battery, that’s a large capacity and if it ever gets damaged, just simply remove it and place a new one in there.

Galaxy Note 4 comes with Bluetooth 4.0 like most phones would to have a clear connection so you can hear every detail. Now don’t try do drop water on it like the Samsung Galaxy S5 because this one is not waterproof. Although, it does come with the heart rate monitor like the S5 did and comes with a stylus and has fingerprint scanner.

Before you go out to buy yourself a new Android device, check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and check out all of its amazing features. You will fall in love with it. Think about it as a HD TV and a computer in your hands.