Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

Have you heard of the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? It's overtaking every smart phone out there. It is packet with thousands of amazing features that no phone has done and might even ever think of making.

First of all, I can’t wait till I get my hands on one of those amazing phones. It is basically a computer, camera, calculator, ruler, and everything that we normally use for the average basis. It has a beautiful curve to it because of one of amazing feature I will talk about. It has a curved Quad HD resolution display, so you won’t have a problem with blurry things.

It has the newest Snapdragon 805 with a Quad Core clocking in a 2.7GHz with 3GB of ram. That’s faster than most computers that are being sold! It has the newest android version, which is android 4.4.4 KitKat with Samsung TouchWiz. Having an amazing camera also, a 16 Mega Pixel with Optical Image Stabilization, a powerful long lasting battery and only 8.3mm thin. It comes with an S Pen like all of the other Samsung Note phones did.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

The unlocked version of Galaxy Note Edge can be ordered from Amazon, but obviously something this amazing won’t be so cheap, it will run around $945 plus tax which is around $1,000 or more without contract and around $450 with contract plus other taxes. This phone is overtaking all LG, Motorola, iPhone, HTC and almost every company that is a mass producer of cellular devices.

If you look up photos, you can see that one edge is curved down; this is so the notifications can be on the side and you will never lose them. Like I said earlier I would talk about the curve, it has an option of a ruler in centimeters on the curved side, that is something no other company has thought of and I have to hand it so Samsung, which is an amazing idea.

Hands down, no phone as of right now will beat it, it might never even lag on you because of the amazing specifications it has. This phone will basically be your laptop for an everyday use. Before you go buy an iPhone which does the same thing every year, consider this and make the better choice.