iPhone 5

iPhone 5

This smartphone is the best ever created by Apple, and here's a few reasons: high performance camera, retina features display, long lasting battery, easy to use and intuitive interface, more ergonomic and improved design, much faster, supporting multiple applications running simultaneously, according to the latest standards in wireless technology field, lighter, thinner, premium look and last generation hardware components.

His 4 inches screen, with retina display features enables its customers to see real colors, but is also easy to handle in one hand.

It has the latest generation of wireless technology features, which implicitly means that it can achieve much higher speed and allows, thus the buyers to transfer, download or receive documents, files, or videos materials in a short time and at high speed.

Speeds achieved by this smartphone's processor are twice higher than those of the earlier versions, which means a much longer duration of the battery, as well.

His sounds are more pleasant to listen than ever, because the device comes equipped with a new set of headphones, due to which sounds quality achieve a great finesse.
In percentages, these are just three improvements of the Iphone 5: is 18% thinner, 20% lighter and has 12% less volume. The aluminum casing is leaving the top premium quality touch feeling and the exquisite finishes and lines of this smartphone make from his desing a piece of art.